Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Great in-game Auron/Lulu moment

Aulu moments don't happen often in the game because the focus is on Tidus and Yuna, and Auron and Lulu aren't very communicative. They usually interact in businesslike exchanges like Auron trotting up to Lulu to ask, "what's our itinerary?" or Lulu challenging Auron when he says "to heck with Yevon" (or words to that effect) under Macalania lake, or the two of them working in tandem on Mt. Gagazet to convince the Ronso not to kill Yuna.

I tend to listen/watch video clips to help me get their voices in my head again when I'm having trouble writing a chapter. I just hit one that made me grin. See the end of the Bevelle clip (about 3:56) on the Matt McKenzie fansite when the party goes back to save Kimahri. It's tiny tiny, but I love the the brief exchange between the two older Guardians before they go charging after the young'uns. Especially Lulu's almost apologetic smile -- she knows he's right.

Edit: Matt Mckenzie site down. HERE it is:

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