Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Wow, has anyone looked at AFF lately?

It's messier than ever... the Latest category registers an error, everything's been moved into sub-archives that are equally hard to navigate... yow.

I haven't been over there for several weeks, between everyone throwing things at each other, ficwad's convenience, and the excellent reader/writer community supplied by LJ. It's funny. I started out planning to write lemons on AFF. That's the one place I'm not.

In other news, just to note it:

new chapter of Resurrection III
Chapter 13: Sisters

New drabble (NC-17) on pyre_flies, which will be entirely predictable and possibly boring to readers who know me, but the theme for this challenge was "patterns". This is the pattern that I've fallen into and will have to break the next time I write a good sex scene.

SPEAKING of which, would people stop writing hot springs/pool scenes? (j/k) I had one planned for Gagazet before I even started playing X-2 and discovered they were canon, on the theory that snow and a hot tub would make a pleasant setting for something or other.

Guess I'll just have to write it really well, so that I don't sound like all the rest of you.

I am very pleased to have wound up with an outline and at least part of the next chapter of R3 written. Which doesn't guarantee a thing, with my frequent problems, but at least now I know where I'm going. I expect about 3-4 chapters til the end of this arc. Then I shift gears to Zanarkand, and hopefully a bit more Auron-focused, though Lulu is so much easier for me to write that I can make no promises.

To think my first draft of R3 was 3 chapters long.

Tags: - fanfic, - pr0n, fic: drabble, fic: multichapter: res3

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