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Dissidia is Crossover Crack, but I haven't yet played it. However, even without Dissidia as an excuse, there's a lot of Final Fantasy characters who could collide in intriguing ways with minimal fiddling. Sev and Rina's playthrough of ALL THE FINAL FANTASY games in [community profile] moogle_university has gotten me thinking about various possibilities.

For instance, Aerith. Flower girl by day, goddess by afterlife. I see no reason to limit the Lifestream to straightforward temporal progression, so she could be anywhere. (In Final Fantasy X, we see that the Farplane and dream-Zanarkand and dreams are all connected via the spiritual current/energies of the pyreflies. I tend think of that plane-beyond-life-and-death as "the Aerith zone," i.e. the Lifestream in FFVII).

That was why I had Aerith bump into Auron in the Farplane in my "Going Somewhere" ficbit, which unfortunately went nowhere. I thought they might've made an odd couple like old Doctor Who, back when the Doctor and his companion were not involved romantically and just mucked around the multiverse getting into trouble and putting the world of paradise towers to rights. (Except that Aerith acts like the Timelord; she baffles Auron rather than the reverse).

Auron, as unsent who seems to linger past his expiration date, could appear in dream or spirit planes.

Another is Ellone. Her odd time projection ability would allow her to bring almost any characters together. There was a lovely ficbit by Arglefraster with Ellone speaking to Auron, but unfortunately it's been taken down.

Another is Minwu. I have no good grounds for Minwu to be jumping universes, except that he's one of those characters who gets his own Aerith Zone adventure after he's dead (Dawn of Souls). Also, Sev's wonderful Sight fanfic about Minwu has a complex web of dream/vision tie-ins with other FFs.

Another is Fran. I was intrigued by her ability to open an aerial pathway through the forest, as if opening a wormhole or portal. I realize that in FFXII, that pathway may have been there all along, just hidden until she invoked the forest-magic to reveal it. But what if she really can open myst-paths connecting places where nature itself is aware and alive? That was my flimsy excuse for my Blue Word Lulu/Fran crossover. (Pr0n warning). Cheesy justifications for lemons aside, Fran lives hundreds of years and ... well, what happens to the Viera? Do they go to the Aerith Zone as well?

Another is Rydia, who spends much of her life in the domain of the Eidolons. FFIV presents the Feymarch as a real place, but since Eidolons/Fayth/Espers/etc are spirits, I can't help thinking once again of the dream-world of FFX and the Lifestream of FFVII, all of them existing in that spirit-world membrane between the living world and death. Also, there's the Feywood in Final Fantasy XII where the barriers between reality and myst are clearly breaking down. I would love to see Fran and Rydia encounter each other in that space.

Thanks to time travel, Noel, Serah and Mog could stray just about anywhere. (I loved XIII-2 for the simple reason that it was the first game I've ever played that really explored the possibilities of time travel and alternate timelines). Lightning, also, has landed in the Aerith Zone.

Reaching back to the early games, Final Fantasy I-III and V all deal with Four Warriors of Light, each game with references to previous generations of Warriors of Light and cyclical conflicts. What if the crystals bear the imprints of the previous Warriors of Light like Fayth statues, and that's why they confer "jobs" to the WoLs in III and V?

What if Ingus in Final Fantasy III is the reincarnation of Garland, who was supposed to be the best of the knights before he succumbed to evil? In FFIII, he atones for his previous life, and Sarah/Sara is with him once more.

Finally, there's all the Cids. I've always joked that Cid really is a Time Lord, with busted reincarnations that make him lose his memory. The airship is just his TARDIS!

What FF crossovers do you imagine? Have you written? (And please, grab any ideabunny here you like...consider these prompts!)

Addendum: I recently read Estirose Final Fantasy II ficbit which includes Arc (why not?), and I just stumbled across a Rydia and Auron ficbit by [personal profile] owlmoose that I need to read when I'm not listening to a baseball game.

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May. 30th, 2013 04:17 am (UTC)
Dissidia is an amazing game. Through playing it, I've been able to get a bit of insight into the characters whose games I never had chance to play. I was one of those kids who grew up playing on an N64, and didn't end up with a Sony console until, I think, Christmas of 2004. And I only ever played games like FFVII for a couple hours with friends or cousins. FFX was actually the first one I played all the way through, and I've been all over the series since. I actually didn't know that there were other FF games besides VII, and I thought that since Tidus was blond and had a sword on the box cover, it was the same game I had seen and played as a kid. The fact that one was on PS and the other on PS2 should have been a big clue.

I think my favorite character interactions are those between Cloud and Squall, and Zidane and Bartz. I love the camaraderie between characters that exist in completely different worlds. It feels to me like the Avengers for the Final Fantasy world. :3

Finally, there's all the Cids. I've always joked that Cid really is a Time Lord, with busted reincarnations that make him lose his memory.

Oh, my... So Doctor Cid isn't really a mendacious douchebag after all??? XD
May. 30th, 2013 04:26 am (UTC)
He's the Colin Baker? :D Some of the Doctors were right bastards -- I, II and VI in particular.

And as you see, I hadn't played any FFs earlier than VII until very recently. I've been having fun going back and discovering all the hidden gems of the early games now that they're available on portables like iPad and PSP.

Edited at 2013-05-30 04:26 am (UTC)
May. 30th, 2013 04:45 am (UTC)
Haha, yes! :D

Some people may disagree, but I feel like being able to go and appreciate so many wonderful games in such a great series is a real treat. Playing these things through childhood is fantastic, but there's also nothing quite like being able to just go and pick up a game at the store instead of having to wait months and years for it to be released. This makes me so happy. :3

Do you know if IX is any good? I know that player characters like Zidane aren't exactly human, but I know next to nothing about the storyline except that there's something about experimentation, a thieves' guild, and, I think, a circus troupe. Oh, my glob, a freaking circus troupe! YES!

Oh, my gosh. I actually have someone to nerd out over FF with. x///x
May. 30th, 2013 05:10 am (UTC)
My old girlfriend and her wife think IX is the best game of the series, as do a few other fans I know. It's not my absolute favorite, but it's certainly a good game and story, with the usual final fantasy angst, cracktastic endgame, and good medieval / tech mix falling more on the medieval side of things than vii and viii did. Also there is a side character, General Beatrix, who rocks. She's what would happen if you crossed Lucil of FFX and Judge Drace in FFXII. I wish Beatrix had a little more screentime.

Also, FFIX has Vivi, that little black mage. Vivi's story makes FFIX worth playing. I will not spoil it, but many people who remember nothing else about FF remember this character, the way they remember Auron, for very different reasons.

The one oddness of FFIX is that it's trying to be a bit retro, hearkening back to the lighter gaming styles of FFI, II, III and V. The nonhumans threw me at first. They're like muppets -- you just don't worry wbout why there's a race of rat people and hippo-headed people and frog people, and nobody worries why Zidane has a monkey tail. (which was cute. Basically, this game pushed PS1 graphics to the limit the way FFXII pushed the PS2 to the limit. FFIX looks very dated now, but if you can remember games of that time period, it's got the same lushness of detail, as much as games of those days permitted. It's worlds better than vii, for example.)

The circus troupe is more of a theater troupe and doesn't play a big part throughout the game, but it's a fun way to break into the game, the way blitzball (not just in Zanarkand, but also in Luca) starts FFX off in a fun way before Shit Gets Serious.

Edited at 2013-05-30 05:12 am (UTC)
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