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Final Fantasy V: INTRO YAY

Huzzah! It is time. Originally, Final Fantasy VIII occupied my "favorite FF" slot, then X usurped it, then, within the past year or so -- despite liking XII and XIII a great deal -- I fell in love with V. It won't unseat X in my hierarchy of gamer fannishness, but it's definitely in the "games I'll play again and again just for fun" category.

FFV is goofy, it lacks the depth of recent installments, and I have only ever played the PS1 version with a translation flatter than Mr. Data's poetry, but even so, the charm shone through. I'm looking forward to the iOS version with the infamous madcap translation, even if the chibi sprites have been re-drawn as Gumby & Pokey figures.

I realize that my last few playthroughs have gotten a little too ploddingly detailed? as I play games I haven't played before and share my first reactions to ALL THE THINGS. (Even though I still skipped a lot). I'm not quite sure what people want as far as reading my playthroughs.

I really, really, REALLY want to make this one fun. So tell me what you want to see.

...and this time I'm going to try to take notes for the playthrough AS I play it, so I'm not stuck writing up all my thoughts post-play from ten jillion screencaps after the fact.

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