Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Poll: FFV vs. FFV

See below for WHY I have this dilemma.

Drat. Drat drat drat.

Pros of Final Fantasy V on iOS:
  • It's got the giddy GBA script which I love (a sample of which is in my userpic). The Playstation translation was flatter than Yuna's voice acting. When I played originally, I had a copy of the GBA script next to me to reread all the lines. But it didn't include NPC dialog.
  • It will allow me to screencap, as opposed to sticking a camera in front of my TV.
  • Extra job classes and a bonus boss (this is not so important to me).
  • Paying silly price for old game. (Not really important; birthday is next week.)

Cons of Final Fantasy V on iOS:

GBA Final Fantasy V:

iPad Final Fantasy V:

It's much cleaner-looking, but characters have transformed from chibi sprites (cute!) to Gumby & Pokey.

PSX Final Fantasy V (this is what I've already got):

iPad Final Fantasy V:

It's odd... the avatars look more Amano-like, but for once, the snooty artsy style takes away from it a bit, to my eye.

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