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[ETA: So apparently fanservice still works on me. DAMMIT LULU.]

After I got done ogling old friends, my eyes were drawn to that durned inscription.
I swear the second line starts with "aerith." (See Spiran main alphabet.)

The scary part is that on the one hand I'm simply jumping all over this as a fan, but on the other hand, I've become a virtual freelance video game blogger /critic, so I'm allowed to do this for work.

Yes, I'm a bad fan...critiquing/geeking about my favorite games and making a pittance doing so. Except why is it being a bad fan to do what's accepted in sports reporting, fashion news, and other entertainment blogs and "news" coverage? How can "fan reporting on favorite baseball team in local paper" be a job and "fan blogging about video game online" not be? I ask myself these things.

At this point, I'm very much like those sports reporters with encyclopedic command of statistics and trivia. As soon as those FFX HD screencaps went up, I was able to find the exact to-the-second framegrabs from the original game for comparison and have them posted within fifteen minutes. I do this kind of thing for several fandoms (Tolkien, beginning astronomy/space exploration news, Final Fantasy). I have found that online article writing lets me use those nerd skills instead of just pushing them aside as procrastination/a waste of time.

Yet I am keenly aware that this is frowned on in fandom, which generally justifies fannish activities with "we aren't making a profit, so it's okay." Except for some fanartists. Annnyway.

So, with that understood, I posted old-vs-new comparisons on my article about the FFX Remaster here. (My pittance from that page is generally about 30 cents a month thanks to the header/sidebar ads. Whoopie.)

Back to geeking at FFX. My finger was hovering over the Amazon preorder button two hours ago. But I'm holding off in case they decide to release some fancy version with extras. For most games, I wouldn't succumb to the merch, but for this one? Yeah. I might.

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