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Final Fantasy X (AND X2) Remaster

Most of you already saw this on Tumblr, but just to signal boost...

Sometime this year, the long-awaited FFX HD remaster will FINALLY be released for Playstation 3, Vita. (Probably not XBox.)

It includes:

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (bundled together on PS3, separately on Vita...what?)
  • All content previously only available in international version, INCLUDING Dark Aeons, Penance, "Last Mission" story, Coliseum (which I'm psyched about, because you can grab any enemy you defeat for an ally, including Lulu, Lucil, Elma)
  • Revamped sphere grid
  • Three new dresspheres (presumably psychic, festivalgoer and something else?)
  • Tweaked X-2 gameplay
  • New final bonus dungeon in addition to Last Mission's bonus dungeon.

So many people have been playing these games on emulators that we've gotten spoiled to seeing twelve-year-old graphics as crisp as they can be -- much better than they were on our old fuzzy tv sets. So the graphics won't actually be that much of an upgrade. We're talking Dissidia graphics, not FFXIII graphics. But the point is that all the content will be playable, including chunks that were never released in the U.S., on a modern console.

Now if only they had room to cram in the Japanese voices with English subtitles and/or get Hedy Buress to reread Yuna's lines for FFX without Shatnering. (I still want to bop whoever told her to lip synch, which most of the VAs decided to ignore.)

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