Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

So I spammed all over Tumblr...

...and probably should've tried to figure out how it worked before I did so.

I was extreeeeeeemely sick Wednesday night, unable to sleep — the less said, the better, but suffice it to say it involved the White Throne — so, to distract myself from my misery, I mainlined Summoner's Pilgrimage, an FFX liveblog. I left many and sundry comments and much squee.

I probably should've used replies instead of reblogging and adding my own comments. Also, that was a helluva lot of comments to post in one night.

I don't know. But anyway, I did that. I'm afraid I came off too know-it-all and abrasive, as I so often do. Academic writing, where you assert BS with bold confidence, la.

Now I have a problem. On Tumblr, how do you reply? Mintywolf left a comment after one of my posts, and I have no idea how to reply to her without reblogging my blog post and adding another comment. Which...er... would mean two posts in my blog? Or would it add my reply after my post?

Tumblr bewilders me. I am so words-focused, and so used to old-school blog format like what we have here.

Also, the focus on reposting other people's stuff feels odd to me, even though it's usually linked back to the source.

ETA: I really shouldn't post while sick. I wrote this entry in order to share the url of my Tumblr, here.

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