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The ten month Final Fantasy marathon begins

[community profile] moogle_university is starting a ten month replay of Final Fantasy games up through X, at least, with commentary, liveblogging, and gamer geeking. I want to join them. I don't know if I'll have time, but it's too fun an opportunity to miss.

So, ganking their introductory post, here's my pre-playthrough answers for Final Fantasy I:

Have you ever played this game before? If so, what versions?
Nope. Utter tabula rasa. All I know is that there's probably going to be four Warriors of Light, crystals, and a buttload of level grinding and random encounters.

What version are you playing this time?
FInal Fantasy [I] for iPad. I've already forgotten which remake this is, but I'm guessing it's the Origins 20th annivesary version.

Do you have a fannish history with this game? If so, what?
Nada. See above.

What are your expectations for this playthrough? (Things you've heard from other fans you want to look for, things you want to prove/disprove, etc.)
I'm just hoping I'll have the patience to finish. I know the first game didn't have much story, and I prefer more story. But mindless level grinding can be fun. I expect some personal flashbacks to the original Might & Magic, which I adored, Rogue, and maybe even Temple of Apshai (I am dating myself, but that was my first real computer game RPG on my old Apple ][+, and I still remember the fake old English shopkeeper and the dorky ant men.)

Okay! So, time to head to the app store and buy it. Cue the retro gamer nostalgia!

EDIT: Click here to read the first session of my FFI playthrough...with silly commentary and screenshots!

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