Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Map of Bikanel Island (FFX)

I do love making maps. They're oddly soothing, like a coloring book.

I was feeling a little down, and I've been replaying FFX lately while getting over a cold.

The following drawing is about ten years too late, but here's a map I drew for a simple Cactuar Sidequest guide. It's reinventing the wheel, except that all the guides on the web are too vague or have lousy text descriptions trying to tell you where to go in what is basically a whole lot of nothing.

Method: Sat my digital camera in front of the TV, took buttload of pics while wandering around the Sanubia Desert, pieced them together in a Photoshop collage, then imported them into a background layer on my iPad, traced the outline in blue, drew the rest by hand.

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