Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Yay (writing progress)

After much whittling -- although one chapter needs a bit of touch up at the end --

LHAD ch. 48 -- 4300 words
LHAD ch. 49 -- 4400 words, written mostly in the past four days

Think I'll actually get this puppy finished by the second week of December, 5 years after I started it?

I wish, I wish.

Also, I wonder if Squeenix really is going to issue a remaster of FFX for the PS3. That was the plan, but I haven't seen any news on that front in ages. It would help; replaying a game, rewatching a show, or rereading a book until I have it memorized tends to make it harder for me to hang onto the parts that first sparked my imagination. I'm suffering a little bit of canon drift.

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