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Yay (writing progress)

After much whittling -- although one chapter needs a bit of touch up at the end --

LHAD ch. 48 -- 4300 words
LHAD ch. 49 -- 4400 words, written mostly in the past four days

Think I'll actually get this puppy finished by the second week of December, 5 years after I started it?

I wish, I wish.

Also, I wonder if Squeenix really is going to issue a remaster of FFX for the PS3. That was the plan, but I haven't seen any news on that front in ages. It would help; replaying a game, rewatching a show, or rereading a book until I have it memorized tends to make it harder for me to hang onto the parts that first sparked my imagination. I'm suffering a little bit of canon drift.

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Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
Ooooooooooo! LHaD news. Mmmmmmmmm!

My peculiar squirrel box of a brain stuffs some of the oddest things into memory. I have most of FFVII, FFX, the 1st Shadowhearts, way too much of all the SMT games I've played - plus locations with neat STUFF in it for the Star Wars mmo - ALL stuffed into my memory cells - to the extent that I wonder what useful stuff has fallen out.

However, since I love those games, I'm not complaining. ... plus when my sweetie plays SWTOR [Star Wars the Old Republic mmo] - he can ask where the datacrons are and I can tell him how to get to them without needing to look it up

... now when it comes to FFX ... I would be happy if they ported it to the PSP. IMO porting it to the PS3 and doing a decent job of it would require them to do some actual -work- on the project. I fear that they won't do that. [sighs]
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