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Rationale for FFX Sidequests / Minigames

Snerk. I want to rescue this from a deep-down buried comment in my Bahamut Is Not Your Friend post.

Gameplay and story separation is a tricky thing to deal with in writing, haha. I've been fiddling around with the Venus Sigil and its significance for a later chapter in Guardian but I had to come up with a better reason for her finding it than "And then Lulu made Tidus go out in the rain and dodge 200 bolts of lightning." ;)

my reply: 
HAHAHA now I'm imagining Lulu sending Tidus out into the rain because she's tired of his clueless questions or has caught him sneaking into Yuna's room. 

Rikku starts giggling after the door shuts. "Well, that's one way to get him out of your hair. Think I could trick him into chasing butterflies all over Macalania?"

"Have Kimahri request it," Lulu says tonelessly. "Tidus might suspect something, if it comes from you." 

"Wow!" Rikku stares in appalled admiration. "Lulu, you're way more evil than I thought." 

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