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Final Fantasy XIII Geeking


So, First_Seventh has just finished up FFXIII and has all sorts of facepalming and great meta, and I stupidly keep forgetting to log in on DW to reply, so half my comments are on her LJ mirrored posts instead. (Because REASONS, as Sev says.)

So the posts are: 

so I beat FFXIII.


 FFXIII: the "Rec Me Fic" edition

This game. This franchise. So FULL of Curate's Egg goodness, so TERRIBLY flawed. But it never fails to give me MYTHIC ARCHETYPE META CRUNCHY GOODNESS.

Unsurprisingly, the Clash of the Titans Athena Owl that keeps spying on the party in FFXIII caught my attention.

I finally got around to writing up my META ON THE WEIRDASS MECHA OWL.

And the best part? It's work. I'm allowed to write articles on anything, and if they get traffic, they're not me-wasting-time, they're work. So I earn  chicken feed, but whoa. (Am I allowed to earn anything via fandom, or are only Big Name Fans at cons allowed to do that? Oh, whole other issue.)  ((Except I don't actually earn any from your visits this time, unless you go crazy and click on the Clash of the Titans owl and go to Amazon and buy a g-string, garter belt, black lacy bra and BANANA YELLOW FISHNETS like some anonymouse did from on of my pages yesterday, because the ads only start paying after the article exists on the first of the month, grrr. But that's not important; I just want to talk about THE OWL.)) 

Anyway, skittering away from work/fandom issues, go read my theorizing on the creepy owl. I think it's actually the secret Big Bad of FFXIII. (Except really, the big bad is Vanille.)

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