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Out of the mouths of commenters

Rereading all the lovely concrit from my DW / LJ readers and all the chapters of LHAD, I find myself once again blessed and humbled by everyone who took time to give me feedback long or short and help me keep going. Reader comments shaped that story fundamentally, despite the fact the it's the one long story I've written with an outline and plotting before I'd even started. So many problems were solved, new ideas proposed, and depth added as I pondered reader questions and observations. I know I still haven't written the Scouring of the Shire, but I couldn't have gotten as far as I did without all that help. Thank you, friends.

Nevertheless, in the midst of all the great and insightful comments, when I finally remembered to go back to the ff.net version (no pictures, noooooooooo!!!)  and reread the comments there, this is the one that made me spit granola on my iPad:

Holy shoopuff theyre lezbian

(mind you this was feedback for chapter 34, when the relationship was established back in chapter EIGHT, or, if one wasn't paying attention, 16/17.)

This is why I never know how subtle to be with foreshadowing and hints.

Okay. Writing. Zuke, help me out here...

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