Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Suikoden V Playthrough....

... Just finished the battle against the Queen's campaign, and what happens right afterwards. I knew that this was too soon for the game to be over, and I figured that SOMEBODY was going to do a major ass-pull about now, but even though I was expecting it...


They dropped enough hints that it was obvious Sialeeds has some other plan in motion --- with Georg, I assumed, and maybe Nether Gate -- but I got distracted and somehow forgot during all the business of fighting the various battles.

I got halfway through the land battle and thought... "waaaaaaaitaminute, all the Queen's Knights are accounted for on one side or the other except Galleon; what is HE up to?!!!" and I was so proud of myself for noticing that that somehow I forgot Sialeeds was planning something....D'oh! The ground battle and three boss battles in a row was keeping me too busy to think.

And I did tear up when Lyon went down. Which is the type of game I like. Yes, the Angst Goose has honked loud and clear.

Now where's Georg in all this? And just what IS Sialeeds actually doing?

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