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Minor Final Fantasy VIII meta/trivia

 D'oh! Why didn't I think of this before? Well, I did, but I hadn't quite connected all the dots.

Ahem. I was working on a page about influences/sources of Final Fantasy (disclosure: I earn a few pennies from the ads in the sidebar, plus commissions if anyone buys something through Amazon links on that page).

I was rehashing my observations about how Irvine and Laguna are actually cities in Orange County, California, where I live. (This mystery was solved when I discovered there used to be a localization branch of Squaresoft in Costa Mesa, which is on the other side of Irvine from Laguna Beach.)

I suddenly remembered: hey, wait a minute, Irvine is often called (since it used to be) Irvine Ranch!

Whence the cowboy. Or maybe that's why they used that name for a cowboy, since it was the closest ranch to a Squaresoft office. They may even have wined and dined visiting Squaresoft bigwigs by taking them on a trail ride.

Laguna is not actually plain old Laguna; it's Laguna Beach with annexes of Laguna Woods and Laguna Hills. Laguna Beach is a flaky artists' colony with a lot of good restaurants. Not really doofy in quite the way Laguna is goofy, but it works.

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