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Aha! Useful information about Lulu.

I finally found something from canon that untangles the time sequence for Chappu's death and Lulu's two prior pilgrimages, a constant source of puzzlement in writing these fanfics.

From the Spiran Timeline released by Squeenix as part of its official guide:

Approximately 25 years ago
- Kimahri Ronso is born.

23 years ago
- Wakka is born.
- The Besaid Aurochs lose in the first round of the blitzball tournament at Luca. This starts a 23 year losing streak. [[ well, that explains THAT!!]]

22 years ago
- Lulu is born.

17 years ago
- Lulu's and Wakka's parents are killed by Sin.

2 years ago
- Yuna begins training as an apprentice summoner.
- Lulu serves as a guardian to Summoner Ginnem, who dies on her pilgrimage. Lulu returns to Besaid.

1 year ago
- Lulu becomes a guardian for Summoner Zuke. Wakka also promises to become Zuke's guardian after the blitzball tournament.
- The Crusaders carry out a daring defense operation of the Djose Shore. Chappu is killed taking part in the battle as a Crusader.
- Lulu and Wakka leave on a pilgrimage as Zuke's guardians.
- (6 months ago) Zuke quits his pilgrimage in the Calm Lands. Lulu and Wakka return to Besaid.

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