June 6th, 2015

Bobblehead Night

Let’s Play FFX HD: Post-Operation Mi’ihen Exclusive Report

That’s right, viewers, it’s time to step back from the big story, Lady Yuna’s pilgrimage, and find out what’s going in the rest of Spira! Your intrepid reporter won’t be talking to everybody, of course, just some key eyewitnesses who can give us some insight into current events. —Shaami


This broadcast is sponsored by YEVON!

Here’s today’s chief topics of gossip around the Djose Continent:

  • Operation Mi’ihen aftermath
  • With the Crusaders out of commission, who will protect us?
  • Al Bhed: more trouble than they’re worth?
  • What happened to Isaaru?
  • And now, sport...

[Unless otherwise noted, screencaps from my camera, so apologies for quality.]

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