October 16th, 2013


FFVII Recap, Ep. 7: Rocket Science and Ninja Hijinks

Last time on Let's Play Final Fantasy VII, we picked up a ninja in a random encounter and stuffed her in a Bag of Holding, cruelly refused to tell Zack's parents what happened to him, visited Nanaki's people and had our hearts wrenched, visited the hometown of Tifa and Cloud and had our heebies jeebied, and picked up one of Hojo's lab experiments taking a nap in a casket. (As opposed to Morgan Freeman's Vincent taking a bath in a casket.)

Then we headed into the mountains north of Nibelheim where—

Use Trine on this
AUUUGH I haven't saved in an hour blammmity blam blam flail flail hack slash bite maul... oh. Oops. There was a really powerful blue magic spell that we could've learned from this thing, wasn't there?

Moving right along...

Collapse )

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