October 6th, 2013


Final Fantasy VII Recap, Ep. VI: From Gongaga to Nibelheim

So, last time on Let's Play the Most Famous Final Fantasy Ever, we dorked around in a soldier's uniform, stuffed Barret into a sailor suit, got shafted at the Gold Saucer, and adopted a self-described "Fortune-telling machine" in the shape of Felix the Cat riding a blancmange. Also, Barret taught us that the best way to deal with catastrophic loss is to claim all the blame so that you can pretend you had some control over the situation.

The most recent "Sephiroth went thataway" npc told us to seek Gongaga. Or maybe Dio thought we'd "gone gaga" when he saw we'd let Caith Sith into the party. En route, we're pounced by a leggy girl with a ginormous throwing star. Because, up until FFVIII or so, Everything Is Better with Ninjas.

Bets on whether her fireball-chucking, spark-casting abilities will disappear once we recruit her?

Yuffie random encounter

(I was trying to pick HER pocket. Silly me. She's the thief.)

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