September 17th, 2013


Extracting ePubs from iBooks (Mac OSX)

Saved so I can find it later.

How I recovered some ePubs, originally downloaded from AO3, from my iPad onto my Mac

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Okay. I have now shriven my soul, backed up the things that I really don't want to lose (fic, fic, fic-- all the apps are expendable but the fic MUST be saved), and I am ready to upgrade my iPad's operating system before iOS 7 and its ugly icons come out and make me never want to upgrade again.

I keep hoping the Jobsian lock on Apple will ease now that he's gone. There have been times in Apple's life cycle when it wasn't this obnoxious about DRM and proprietary locked-into-our-system content. Even now, it's not this bad on a desktop computer. But the iPad is so seductively easy to use that I sometimes forget my vow to keep it as a content viewer, rather than a place to store anything I couldn't bear to lose.

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