June 30th, 2013


Final Fantasy V Recap, Ep. VII: Sidequests Before Saving the World (& Finale)

Holy Chocobo! We're in the home stretch of FFV! Let's pause a moment to ogle the closing FMV from the PS1 version.

It's a fine recap of some exciting moments in the game: pyromaniac Exdeath setting the Moogle forest on fire around the Guardian Tree, Galuf's attack on Castle Exdeath thwarted by the barrier and his friends showing up to spoil everything, Krile on her trusty dragon seeking the perpetually lost party, Faris losing her beloved Syldra the Sea Dragon all the way back on Disc One, the shade (?) of King Tycoon playing hide-and-seek with us, the Lonka/Ronka ruins flying up into the sky, and  a couple endgame battles we still have to look forward to (or flee, if we have any sense).

Symbolism ahoy! I've totally lost track of which crystal / element / attribute goes with what in this FF installment, and I don't know why I care, but I'm puzzling over them, particularly hope = fertility? I also marvel at how quickly graphics look dated, and how awesome Faris and Lenna look in trenchcoat and court attire with matching katanas.

All right! Sidequests before saving the world. (But I also save the world, because this is the final installment of my FFV playthrough.)

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