June 28th, 2013


Final Fantasy V Recap, Ep. VI: How to Fail While Succeeding

Welp! Back in the "Let's Play Final Fantasy" saddle after a real life "ack, the 'rents are visiting!" hiatus.

(This chunk will be a bit short. You don't mind, do you?)

As per Galuf's last wishes, it's time for us to launch his long-delayed assault on Castle ExDeath. I would pretend that this is the endgame, except that I've played FFV before, and cannot help but be aware that this is really the "Let's go to Zanarkand / City of the Ancients / Lunatic Pandora / OOPS there's more plot"  dungeon. Still, here we are.

FFV: Castle Exdeath

Krile, why are you standing in quicksand?

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