May 8th, 2013


Final Fantasy IV, Ep. VI: "I Aten't Ded"

...with apologies to Terry Pratchett.

Last time on "Let's Play Final Fantasy IV," we met Freddicante, the leg-baring, spandex-rocking, nipple-flashing Archfiend of Fire.

He trounced Edge the Ninja Prince of Eblan and swooshed off with his back to the party of adventurers and their assorted bows, lances, bigass swords and summons.

FFIV: Until We Meet Again

Fucks given? Zero.

(See this, Squeenix? Seriously. See this? Your final boss is usually BORING. This is why you don't kill off your minibosses like Gilgamesh, Rubicante and Jihl Nabaat prematurely.)

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