April 7th, 2013


FFIV Episode I Recap: "No Matter How Dark the Knight"

Once again, I'm playing the iPad remaster of the the Nintendo DS remake of the original NES Final Fantasy IV — got that? The iOS version is almost identical to the DS, except with crisper graphics and a lack of overwrought Opening FMVs. So here's the DS opening:

Aaah, shiny. I'm relieved that the laws of physics are different in Final Fantasy, because our metaphorical Tower of Babel has reached the silly stage. At this rate, Final Fantasy XX will have to resort to something like the "How far is Mars?" animation to reach the top of the tower before the closing credits.

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Rydia and Rosa Doodle, FFIV

I'm always interested in mentoring and big sister / little sister dynamics between female characters, so of course I latched onto the early interactions between Rydia and Rosa in FFIV. That scene on Mt. Hobbs inspired me to sketch this:

Rydia and Rosa, Final Fantasy IV
by ~auronlu on deviantART

I've written Fran tutoring Penelo in black magic, Fran tutoring Lulu (of all people), and some Yuna and Lulu magic-meta, so this slots into that trope.

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