January 12th, 2013


Final Fantasy I Playthrough (6)

Once again, thanks </a></b></a> to for inspiring this recap!

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D&D roots of FF | Roleplay in Final Fantasy


D&D Otygh (also NeoOtygh)
-- hheeeey, I never noticed before that "Ochu" is just a Japanese transliteration of this classic D&D monster! Also, "Flan" is called"Black Pudding" -- another original D&D monster -- in Final Fantasy I!)

Rei: Hey, guys! Lookit what Bibi gave me -- a list of all the name changes between NES and PSX versions of this game.
Momo: Bad...man? MADPONY? Catman? Mancat? Oh, gosh, the NES translations are so goofy!
Nina: *looks pointedly at "Spoo"*
Spoo: *looks at how many monsters were ported straight from 1st ed D&D Monster Manual list*


Final Fantasy I Recap, Episode 6: "Much in the Way That Bricks Don't"

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