January 7th, 2013


Final Fantasy I Playthrough (4)

Back to Part 3 Once again, thanks to [community profile] moogle_university for inspiring this playthrough/recap! [INTERLUDE] Momo: So, hey, guys, I hotwired my orb crystal thingie with a couple Light Curtains and an Ether to show a video... (Opening FMV from PS1 Final Fantasy I & II Remastered Edition) Rei: The heck is this? Nina: Spoo looks very heroic, to be sure...but...well... shouldn't there be four Warriors of Light? Momo: Well, see, I thought that if the Prince of Elfheim saw this, then maybe he'd be bowled over by Spoo's bishie awesomeness! Spoo: ... Rei: So you edited out us clowns and tried to make him look epic? Momo: Yep. And let's start calling him "Warrior of Light" in front of the prince. It sounds a lot more noble than "Spoo," don't you think? Nina: That's... very thoughtful, Momo. Spoo: *blushing furiously* Final Fantasy I Playthrough, Episode 4: "Of Tea and Airships" Collapse )
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