January 6th, 2013


META POST: Old-School Final Fantasy & AD&D

Again, I wanna thank Seventhe and Lassarina for inspiring this mega Final Fantasy marathon. I really, really needed a brain break after relatives and holiday stress. Playing Final Fantasy I has been just the cure. (My early caveats about it being old and a bit rudimentary have fallen away...it's great fun!)

While playing these first few days, I've had many thinky thoughts. So. FINAL FANTASY META. SPOILER FREE. You do not have to have been following my silly playthrough to read these comments.

Final Fantasy I box art (note enclosures)
More Rulebooks 1st Edition, Great looking rulebooks just have some scuffing on front
AD&D manuals (same set I owned)
Topic the First: How vintage Dungeons & Dragons shaped Final Fantasy I, and how FF games immediately began to pull away from their D&D roots.

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