November 13th, 2011


Chapter 3 -FFV Fanfic: "The Princess and the Pirate"

Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of ship. I knew it was going to be hard to hang onto that Dorothy Sayers voice. (I had inhaled Peter Wimsey for several days before writing the first two chapters.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate" Ch. 3
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Petitioned by Princess Lenna for safe passage, Captain Faris agrees to deliver the headstrong princess to the Wind Shrine in one piece... the better to reap a reward.
Word Count: ~2600
Note: This story assumes you haven't ever played the game and probably aren't going to if you haven't already. However:

Current Chapter
:  "Fair Sailing" (AO3) (FF.Net)

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Ch1 / Prologue
 (AO3)  (FF.Net) | Ch 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)


Again, that reference pic from cumulus_castle: 

Faris and Hydra
 by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART

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