October 21st, 2011


Oh, I give in. (Faris fanfic I've been burbling about)

I was going to try to save this for some future Megaflare, in the hopes that I'd actually have the story finished so I could finish it. (What?) I'm tempted to throw in all kinds of disclaimers, but this will suffice: I'm writing for the fun of it. (Note new Faris icon. Shiny.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
A gallant pirate, a headstrong princess... haven't we been down this archetypal garden path before? Er, wait... uh...erk? 
Word Count (So far): ~5900
Note: This story is Amano's fault. Well, no, this subtext was jiggling at me during the first hour or so of gameplay. But still, I blame Amano.

Chapter 1 / Prologue (AO3)  (FF.Net)

Chapter 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)

P.S. I didn't draw this; cumulus_castle did. Recommend you take a gander at the original:

Faris and Hydra
by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART
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