August 10th, 2011


Eeeeeeeeek (Final Fantasy X-2 geeking)

As you know, I've got a habit of trying to translate all the Spiran inscriptions in FFX. I love me some epigraphy, even if it's just a cipher.

My eye happened to glance upon this Paine poster entitled "Bevelle Underground."

Heeeey, wait a minute.

Written in the pseudo-sanskrit Yevon Script.

Hm. E, yes. L, yes. And the writing says...

Collapse )

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Icon Cross-Post Test

I seem unable to get my DW icons to appear on LJ cross-posts without manually editing after the fact. Here's a test to determine if it was my bad, or if that function doesn't work.

Also, gratuitous icon post.

I saw this on, and decided it needed to be turned into an icon. Feel free to gank.

Edit: Icon cross-post worked. Evidently I have failed to name any of the icons I've uploaded on DW exactly the same way as on LJ. *facepalm* 

Oh, and while I'm at it, have another, adapted from this T-shirt:

I think that one's sweet.


Now I remember why I used to keep up with How else can I be informed of emerging technology like this?!

 Cat ears you control with your mind.  

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