July 24th, 2011


Final Fantasy X Geeking: The Riddle of the Glyphs

You know, all I was trying to do was figure out what those six symbols are on that band I call "Yevon's toilet paper," the ribbon worn down the front by Kinoc, Shelinda, Mika, Kelk et alia.

As often, when I set my mind to researching a question, I fail. However, I discovered some interesting things.

It's a long read. Worth it, if you like geeking about worldbuilding and mythology. 

Final Fantasy X: Yevon Glyphs and Summons Symbols
(a unified theory of sacred symbols in the world of Spira)

P.S. Would someone who knows Kanji please double-check me and make sure I haven't written "kleenex" in place of "ice" or something equally stupid? Thanks. 

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Signal Boost: Project Final Fantasy Review

Final Fantasy fans! Mugs has a challenge to foment fandom, fluff up our feathers and...er... ahem, anyway, see her post on the new, the fantabulous Final Fantasy Review Project!

In the spirit of contribution, may I point some FFX fans towards The Seeker Files, an ensemble FFX-2 story with special focus on Barthello and... a cactuar!? This is one of those "so good, I've added it to my personal canon" stories.
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