July 20th, 2011


Yay! A Complete FFX Undub!

My voice acting junkie heart goes pit-a-pat.

Someone has finally done a complete Japanese undub of Final Fantasy X, start to finish: the game's English subtitles with Japanese voices. Of course, sometimes the English localization departs from the original, but now we've got the whole thing!

Final Fantasy Project: Playlist

Voices I like more: Seymour, Tidus, Yuna, Elma, Mika, Brother, Barthello, all the children and most of the unnamed extras
Voices I like in both games, but they're different: Lulu, Wakka, Rikku, Lucil, Tromell (hee!), Kelk, Zuke (very convincing in just a few lines), Jyscal Shelinda, Bahamut, Braska, Jecht
Voices I like better in English: Auron, Belgemine, Maechen, Cid, Kimahri, Yunalesca

Seymour's the kicker. In the English, he's so danged smarmy you want to punch him in the nose the instant he opens his mouth. In the original, he's far more dangerous, because he sounds reasonable, thoughtful, respectful, persuasive. It's easier to believe lots of people would be swayed by him.

Also, Tidus carries the story better, and Yuna's not Shatnering in a misguided attempt to lip-synch.

Oddly, nearly everyone is more soft-spoken in the original, barring a few glass-shattering shrieks from Rikku in the Thunder Plains.

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Fandom, sometimes I love you.

A Dissidia (PG) fanart for your perusal...

YATTA! meets the guys of Final Fantasy (click thumbnail for full-sized):

Squall in his usual "whatever" pose, "Butz" and his pasties, Cloud, Warrior of Light, Firion, Tidus and a speedo, Cecil, Gabranth,
Onion Knight, Zidane

Alas, I have no idea which artist did this magnificent piece of work. It's floating around the internets, and appears to have a Japanese provenance.

There needs to be a Yatta! Final Fantasy songfic to go along with this fanart, don't you agree?

"It's so cheesy.... emo angst puppy...."

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