December 5th, 2010


FFX Honorifics in original Japanese

...and a few random observations I never posted because they weren't interesting enough to deserve a post.

1. I think maybe Auron's voice actor is actually the first voice we hear in FFX after "Listen to my story." I think he may be voicing Zanar, the sports announcer in Zanarkand. No credit listed anywhere I can find, however.

2. There is a Buster Sword sprite in FFX which a hacker has said (unconfirmed) was used during testing. Hacking lets you swap it in place of a regular weapon.

3. I just found these notes I scribbled months ago and never posted. They're a little longwinded and rambly, and I'm sure a native Japanese speaker would peer at some of my fumbling/guessing. (My favorite bit: Lulu's relationship with Zuke may be illuminated by the title she uses for him. Though I fear it erodes my head-canon that Lady Ginnem had taken young Lulu under her wing.)

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