July 5th, 2010


A Few Old Yuri_Drabbles, and One New

Here's a batch of Djose Knights drabbles going back to last October that I never mentioned on my own LJ. These are actually tribbles, since ff_yuri_drabble allows 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 word counts.

"Homecoming," NC-17, Elma/Lucil, prompt: "Lightning"
(I mentioned this one in a discussion of the comments)

"Time Lapse," R, Elma/Lucil, prompt: "Slow"

"Off the Record," NC-17, Elma/Lucil, prompt: transformation

(New) "Anniversary," PG-13, Elma/Lucil, prompt: water

Someday I need to stop drabbling and write the story I'd always meant to write for them, starting before Operation Mi'ihen and ending after X-2. I keep sneaking it into drabbles, so I'm not sure there's enough left to write.

All my Elma/Lucil stuff is archived on AO3 in the Djose Knights series.

Genesis Awards 2010 -- Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction

The Genesis Awards for Final Fantasy VII fanfiction are out.

Here are the winners.

I heartily recommend browsing the list and reading them, as I plan to do!

I see that ellnyx garnered an award. This does not surprise me.

Since the GA community doesn't really overlap LJ/DW that much, this will be a good set of stories that most of us haven't seen.

Now, I'm guessing, they will start plowing through the FFX nominations. *Guilty look* I recommended a lot of fics. I wanted to make sure my fandom had a good showing!

And in other news, I totally [heart] text-to-speech. I've been listening to LHaD while doing chores to help me focus for the Big Bombtastic Climax chapter, and hearing it lets me catch a few mistakes I'd missed while revising. (Why doesn't my auto-spellchecker underline "neice", for example?!)