April 3rd, 2010

Bobblehead Night

Okay, X-2, I forgive you...

The same disease that makes me a baseball fanatic in RL makes me quite fond of blitzball, that minigame which so many people despise. I actually will play a game for fun as a ten-minute break to wake myself up, the way other people would play a game of Tetris.

I was therefore irked at the abomination done to it in X-2. I didn't touch it. How dare they turn my pretend-you're-athletically-coordinated action game into a team management sim?

The imminent start of baseball drove me to try it again on a whim. And you know, once I get over not being able to control the ball carrier (Shoot! Shoot, you idiot; the clock is running out!), the sim is actually not bad, the moves are slightly more plausible (more types of dodges and tackles, more types of passes, no hit points or players poisoning each other), and I like the new players.

Rikku's two-arm over-the-head throw is hilarious.

But, okay, what really sells it for me?

Lucil / Paine / Miyu (my old favorite of the FFX free agents) is pretty much the best offensive lineup ever.

Lucil kicks butt, takes names. Huzzah.

I do wish they'd found a way to make the game 3D -- they're in a sphere pool, for goodness' sake -- but it's got enough oomph in it for me to enjoy.

And now, "It's time for Dodger baseball." Vin Scully, here I come.

New Map of Spira for LHaD

I got tired of staring at the badly-scanned, badly-photomanipped map of Spira I had adapted from the map on FFshrine for LHaD's table of contents.

So I've created a new map of Spira. It's not perfect, but at least it's my own work apart from onionskinning 3 different Squenix maps, none of which agree, to get the rough outline. I swear Bevelle has moved a titch south between X and X-2!

FFX Map of Spira for LHaD
by ~auronlu on deviantART

A cropped version is now in my LJ sticky post, and I'm gonna add it to the AO3 edition of Love Her and Despair. Yay AO3 for allowing us to embed fanart!

A few geekly observations about Spira's map.

1) I never noticed before that that archipelago west of Baaj looks a bit like Japan. I have the suspicion this was the original home of the Al Bhed, but I don't know why I think that (except Rikku did mention another island, I think).

2) This fabulous map is a fan's high-res scan of one of the two in-game maps, with most of the Spiran glyphs transliterated. "Wilderia Continent" is the name of the continent containing the Calm Lands and Gagazet, while "Djose Continent" is everything south of Bevelle.

3) On that map, there are about 8 tiny labels whose glyphs are too small to make out. About 6 of them appear to start with "Temple of Yevon [something]" in the same style as "Temple of Yevon-Djose". From this I deduce they are smaller villages which have temples, and that some temples don't have fayth (otherwise, Yuna would've had to visit those, too).