April 2nd, 2010


Pondering a possible problem.

I've gotten one bit of feedback noting that a reader was jarred out of the story by one line in which I spelled out some of Wakka's dialect.

I am preoccupied with capturing the sounds of voices, and will occasionally use spelling to emphasize the contrast between Cid's and Wakka's down-to-earth speech patterns and the more formal speech of those around them. However, I've been doing this all my life, so what looks normal to me may be driving my readers bonkers. Is this a bad habit I need to chuck?

Poll #1546702 Accents/dialects in Dialogue

Seeing spellings like "thinkin'" to indicate the accent of a character like Wakka...

...jars me right out of a story.
...irks me. I wish writers wouldn't do this.
...doesn't bother me.
...can enhance the dialogue, but can be done badly.
...helps me hear the characters' voices in my head.
Other: see my comments below.