March 20th, 2010

Yuna Serene

Holy squee. (Fic rec.)

For 4 years, lynnxlady 's Grieve has sat there in my warm and fuzzy fan heart, being my absolute favoritest fanfic of all. Its supremacy was never questioned.


Clarion by justira (PG fer gore in one spot, 43K words)

Braska, Auron, Jecht, Yuna, aeons (gen). Braska's pilgrimage. His life.
She does to aeons what I do to minor secondary characters: they are as real and complex as the most fully-developed game characters. Only in justira's hands, they're more well-developed.
They are also frickin' terrifying. As is this entire story, in a good way.

This is the first thing I've ever read that put tears in my eyes.


Song of Prayer ~ Ricola Edition

This is one of the most ghastly sounds you will ever hear, between the condition of my voice, and my amazing ability to turn every pretty Japanese vowel into a New Jersey diphthong.

However, it is probably the only time in my life I will ever be able to sing bass. I was racking my brains for a song normally sung in this range, and thought, "Well, I sound like a Ronso."

Except I found that even the Ronso version was too high, and had to go with Yojimbo's.

98K 0:33
(no transcription available)

Bad news? Helluva cold.
Good news? Waaaaait, one is allowed to breathe through one's nose with a cold? Okay, so the surgery did do something major in there.
Sad but amusing news: My cat is not responding to the sound of my voice. She usually meows if I say anything to her.

More Love Her and Despair fanart!

Legendary Pillow
by ~Ayrania-chan on deviantART

Woo hoo! Another fanart? A first-time reader was inspired to illustrate a scene from Chapter 19, when Rikku and Wakka's daughter latches onto the grumpy guardian.

I love Yunie's Al Bhed clothes; they look a lot more likely than what I drew.

The best part? This reader said she'd avoided fanfiction until now, and was pleasantly surprised. I pointed her to a few good authors to ensure her first foray into fanfiction continues to go well.