January 28th, 2010


Babylon 5 drabble: "Inspection"

Title: "Inspection"
Fandom: Babylon 5
Drabble for: owlmoose
Words: 100

The airlock door opened. Boot heels pounded the deck. "Captain Susan Ivanova, Earth Force, reporting for—"

"'God sent you'?"

"—shipyard tour of the EAS Titans." Dropping the crisp salute, she thrust out a hand towards the unsmiling officer. "Commander Berensen. Pleased to meet you."

He stared at her, then shook hands.

"General Leftcourt did not mention where you'd earned that Purple Star. I'm impressed. Not many came out of that battle." Her voice roughened. "On either side."

He exhaled. "We both need a fresh start, Captain."

"Agreed." Her ramrod posture relaxed. "The ship?"

"Ready for your inspection, Captain. This way."

Note: Cmdr. William Berensen is from "Hidden Agendas" short story by JMS. So he's canon. I donno anything about him except this, which suggests that Ivanova comes to trust him fairly quickly.

Women in fanfiction (or not)

Apparently, discussions are happening around fandom about the lack of female characters in fanfiction and a similar problem in original (published) fiction. They're also discussing the problem that one may become hyper-sensitive about making women too strong, too flawed, too anything because one is too self-conscious about perpetrating stereotypes. (Something I am not always careful enough about, la.)

I've only seen a few of these posts. I am flitting at the edges of the discussion, since (a) I use fanfiction and LJ  as a brain break (b) most of the discussion seems to be about lack of women in the m/m slash fanfiction community, where I'm not active. When I do speak up in those discussions, I'm afraid I sound too smug/preachy/insensitive. ("Well, just write them!" or "Hey, read some of ours, then...I know some authors who can show you how it's done!")

So I don't have many insightful things to say on that discussion, other than the fact that I'm very glad that people are having it.

Here's what I want to say.

Dear Flist.

I love you folks. Never do I have to look far to find stories with plausible and interesting women of many kinds. Yuri, het, gen, whatever -- women are an integral part of the stories you tell, and it would never occur to you to excise them. Those folks on my flist who write m/m also have many stories with well-developed female characters.

Because of you, I didn't realize that we might be existing in a somewhat atypical bubble of fandom/fanfiction where *gasp* women exist. (Although I'm not quite sure of that -- a wide-angle view of fandom is very dependent on vantage point).

I just wanna say...thank you for being! Keep writing!