January 23rd, 2010


Archive of Our Own

So, I'm in... thank you renay and owlmoose for tugging me that direction.

--Interface is WORLDS better than ff.net and AFF, and it's still in beta. This is what I hoped ficwad would be, and wasn't: a place to archive all fic in one place.
--I love the fact that if you delete a fic, it emails you a copy, Just to Make Sure.
--Tags system is excellent.
--Giftfic system looks like a great idea.
--Only archive where you can use the tag and include fanart. Or LINKS. Thank you.
--Importer is still a little buggy, but it looks like they're working on it.
--Only downside is that AO3 isn't a place to get lots of comments -- yet. It is truly an archive. This may change as it grows.

A collection of drabbles and/or responses to a prompt comm:
--Post them as separate Works in a Series? I'm afraid that would spam the fandom index, but that way they'd be easier to find/search for.
--Or post them as chapters of the same work, as I've done until now?

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However, I have to use LHAD as a carrot to help me write dissertation. Not before. So. *goes off to work for several hours*