August 25th, 2009


Random observations

1. ff_exchange appears to have galvanized LJ-fandom. Cool.

2. Neurotic inside voice, GET A GRIP! (It is not necessary to be flustered when someone jokes they want to marry me and have babies over a frickin' MACRO!)

3. I have been slooooowly creeping through LHAD with an editor's polishing cloth, now up to Ch. 20. Most is pleasing to reread. Minor backstory glitch in chs. 2-3 not so pleasing, but I don't think anyone caught it. It's the container for a bit of Checkov's gun foreshadowing, so I'm leaving it.

4. I have the urge to illustrate, even though I can't draw. Danger, Will Robinson. Why did this particular fanfic story eat me?!

5. To think I was hesitant to bring Commander Elma along, because I feared she'd have nothing to do.

6. Strong-language macros archived behind cut. I don't find the Yo, Dawg meme all that funny, but the recursion aspect appealed to me.

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