August 19th, 2009


Love Her and Despair (31)

Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 31: Nightmare in C Minor
Final Fantasy X/X-2 (Yes, both. AU.)
Characters: Auron, Isaaru, cast
Word Count: 3200
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Our Story So Far: Isaaru and his allies free Cid from Shuyin, but the vengeful ghost latches onto Isaaru's younger brother Pacce and eludes them in the labyrinth beneath Bevelle. Meanwhile the Crimson Squad, reunited but not reconciled, follow Maester Baralai to the doomsday weapon Vegnagun, hoping to move it away before it falls into the wrong hands.

(Chapter title reference: "Nightmare in a Cave", piano arrangement of "Vegnagun Awakens" from FFX-2 OST)

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