July 2nd, 2009


Trek Movie..

Very strange.

I am wistful about the new film, which I saw yesterday. Yet despite being disappointed, I am oddly resigned, even cheerful about the fact that Star Trek has moved on and left Gene Roddenberry's good (though flawed) vision behind. In my opinion --which seems not to be shared by anyone I know O.o -- they've created something new, not Star Trek any more despite the name, by borrowing details of the old Trek myths and stories while losing 90% of the spirit and flavor, the essence of what Trek used to be.

It reminds me of the way Ovid could take the main characters and plot points of classical Greek myths, inventing new episodes, telling them from a completely different perspective, and fundamentally LOSING the heart and soul of what he was rewriting most of the time -- yet his rewrites were just such rollicking good entertainment that you almost forget the original, and don't see what you're missing.

I'm afraid my nitpicks about the film may cause those who enjoyed the film to like it less. Or maybe you'll totally disagree! So... um... caveat lector.

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