June 7th, 2009

Yuna's Final Aeon

A Couple FFX icons.

I should just save these for my next batch-of-icons post, but I am PLEASED.

Exhibit A: Userpic, which is Lulu as Yuna's Final Aeon. 'Shopped with Shiva, of course.

Exhibit B:
Mom took some digital camera movies of a thunderstorm from her deck.

So of course, I had to extract a few frames and see what would happen if I used them as "color burn" layer masks:

Interesting effect. A little random, but I think I like it.

Okay, back to housework.

Geeking about my own writing, and gender

I was pondering gender, stereotypes, and my own tendency to get swept along by them, despite four years at Bryn Mawr. My fascination with Auron/Lulu has always puzzled me. Is it just that they're "hot" characters? Did Square-Enix push all the right buttons with Auron's tragic hero hunkitude, and Lulu's cynical Goth boobitude? Why on earth do I keep writing about them? (And "what's with all the het?!" but that's a whole other TMI can of worms.)

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There's such a fine line between evocative, mythic archetypes and superficial stereotypes. FFX -- and my own writing -- are rife with both.