June 3rd, 2009


Love Her and Despair (26)

Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 26:
On the Brink
Final Fantasy X/X-2

Characters: Auron, Elma
Word Count: 2400
Summary: Gratuitous plot break for angst, recap and character study. Betcha no one's written a scene between these two before!
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Our Story So Far: Sin/Lulu has wiped out nearly all the fayth from the Calm Lands to Besaid. Summoner Isaaru and his guardians have learned that the pilgrimage and Yevon itself are a pack of lies. And a ghost, Shuyin, has possessed Cid, leader of the Al Bhed, in order to seize a doomsday weapon even worse than Sin. Now Isaaru's party has hitched a ride on an Al Bhed airship in order to chase down Cid and get to Bevelle before Sin does.

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