May 22nd, 2009


Love Her and Despair (24)

Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 24:
Anima Sola
Final Fantasy X/X-2

Characters: Isaaru, Nooj, Auron, Rikku, Cast
Word Count: 2100
Summary: Picking up the pieces after Cid goes postal.
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A/N: Mouseover Al Bhed for translation. Also, this is Anima Sola.

Our Story So Far: Thanks to Sin, Isaaru and his guardians have made an unscheduled detour to Al Bhed territory, where they encounter Rikku, Gippal, and a grievously injured Nooj at Baaj Temple. Cid storms in to greet his unwelcome guests and suddenly goes berserk, shooting everyone.

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