December 8th, 2008


HELP! Does this work?

EDIT: THANK YOU EVERYONE! I have now got a working mockup. Disregard request below...

Guinea pigs needed to test out a webpage layout in different browsers and operating systems!

Please to click on This Dummy Webpage and tell me if it looks right.

1. The ornamental frame should hug the page as you resize the window.

2. The text blocks shouldn't overlap each other or the graphics. (It's okay if the title block in white has some text chopped off the bottom.)

3. The graphics shouldn't take too long to load in. (I may program them to pre-load, but I've compressed them to fairly dainty file sizes.)

I'm still not quite proficient in CSS positioning, so after trying desperately to use CSS to replicate my ancient Medieval Scroll Trick done with tables, I committed the cardinal sin of mixing tables and CSS. But at least this one doesn't use frames, which are even more verboten. The old AuronLu Shrine does.