November 25th, 2008



I already spammed capslock_ff with too many Balthier's-VA-being-very-silly videos, so I'm spamming my own LJ.

And this one doesn't allow embedding, but you must see this -- MOVE ALL FLUIDS AWAY FROM KEYBOARD:

Oh wait, here's a different Mashup with the same idea, better video editing. For ellnyx, with love, particularly the Balthier/Fran moment at the end:



I've got a Jar of diiirt, I've got a jar of diiirt (and too little sleep)

1) Poor Ficwad has fallen into a hole of code neglect and is getting buggy. Italics are glitchy. Review counts are at 0 even when there are reviews. Now it's started mangling chapter numbering, so Love Her and Despair has two Chapter 11s, no chapter 12, and the last chapter is invisible. I give up. I'll keep archiving there and on, but please read/comment on LJ! Of course, you all do that anyway. I've forward-dated the Table of Contents/Map to 2010, so it'll stay at the top of my LJ.

2) What was #2? Um. Er. Eee. Oh yeah. I've now edited every chapter of Love Her and Despair. It's mostly minor fixes like capitalization, purple prose trimming, and continuity-tightening, but the latter includes some backstory fine-tuning. Chiefly, in this AU timeline, Tidus died on Mt. Gagazet BEFORE Yuna & Company reached Zanarkand. Auron never implied anything else. Right? Right. Luckily, Auron's so cryptic that you probably don't remember him saying anything to the contrary.
I don't actually hate Tidus. I just don't know how to write the poor git.

3) Muggy Mountain Had a Meme, E I E I O. (Yes, my sleep schedule is totally insane right now.)

Quoth Mugs:
What are the characteristics of my writing? Any patterns or cliches that make my writing recognizable? Any improvements you'd suggest, or anything you'd like to see me work on?

Collapse )

4) dsl;f;lk;lfsaaaa THE CLIMACTIC BATTLE SCENE OF LHAD HAS [Characters Initials: LAIMPWRNPBGYV] 13 named characters from canon that I will have to juggle in a comprehensible and compelling manner. I guess this parallels that part of the game wherein all of Spira is singing the Hymn of the Fayth, except in my version all of Spira is on camera with speaking (and fighting!) parts. I've never had to GM myself before.