November 22nd, 2008


Love Her and Despair (15)

Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 15
: Her Favorite Color Is Death
Final Fantasy X
Auron, Isaaru, Luzzu, Elma, Lucil, Maroda, Pacce
Word Count: 2200
Summary: Operation Mi'ihen, all over again
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The Story So Far: Summoner Isaaru and Auron are racing Lulu-Sin to save the fayth before she destroys them. They make their stand at Djose, where she comes often to visit Chappu's grave and an old friend.

A/N: Luzzu's role here is partly inspired by Captain Ericcson in "The Long Night" episode of Babylon 5. (find/search page for "we'll put up a good fight").

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