August 22nd, 2008


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Wow. List of Kingdom Hearts Voice Actors Kingdom Hearts II Voice Actors.

Easily-recognizable names: Angela Lansbury, Brian Blessed, James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee, Sean Astin, Bruce Boxleitner, and for the "not on a par with those stars, but we know his name (and his dad)" category, James Patrick Stewart.

I am now officially in awe of Katheryn Beaumont, original voice actor for Alice [in wonderland] and Wendy in Peter Pan. Alice was released in 1951. When she was recorded as Alice and Wendy for Kingdom Hearts, she was over sixty-- yet she sounded exactly the same as when she was ten. Gah.
I am strangely delighted to know she is still living in SoCal, where she has been an elementary school teacher for over 30 years.

Again, yes, I wish to beat Square-enix for getting ONE bad voice actor for Aeris when all the rest are adequate to superstar. (Cid I don't mind so much, but Aeris is dreadful.)

FFX International "Undub" (Japanese voices w/English subtitles)

Someone finally did it: a Japanese playthrough of the original game synched to the English-language version, so the game's English subtitles go with the Japanese voices.

Of course in some places the translation is inaccurate (the biggest one being Yuna's "I love you" in the English and "arigato" in the Japanese), but at least now it's possible to watch the story with the original voices.

Here's the aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen, with the usual suspects plus Kinoc, Seymour, and the Chocobo Knights.

Lucil's voice = hawt. And Elma reminds me of Utena! Poor Elma; I want to strangle her American VA every play-through.

Links to all videos, posted by one Xoa : (1 was just the credits before you start a new game; since it's the same I've skipped it)

2- Listen to My Story/Intro
3- Zanarkand through tournament FMV
4- Zanarkand: "Auron, what are you doing here?" through "This Is It" FMV
5- Tidus at Baaj Ruins
6- Rikku arrives, Tidus' stay with Al Bhed (Hey, Rikku says "Sorry" in English!)
7- Rikku and Tidus discuss Sin; T. washed overboard; meeting Wakka on beach
8- Besaid from beach to village (Luzzu and Gatta)
9- Besaid - Tidus' flashback to Mom & childhood; meeting Yuna, Lulu; summoning Valefor
10- Besaid: evening w/Yuna; Lulu's Contempt; leaving village
11- leaving Besaid
12- Ferry- horsing around, Sin's attack
13- Battle with Sin at sea; arriving at Kilika
14- Kilika - The Sending; into jungle (including battle chatter)
15- Kilika - Ochu; Ohalland's stairs; Lulu bawling out Wakka; Luca Goers
16- Kilika Temple; Dona; ferry to Luca; O'aka
17- Ferry; Lulu and Wakka's strategy meeting; Jecht shot; arrival in Luca
18- Luca - Seymour and Mika grand entrance; Searching for Auron
19- Luca - Biran and Yenke; Yuna kidnapped
20- Luca - Reunited with Yuna; Tournament thru halftime
21- Luca - end of tournament; attack on stadium
22- Luca - Tidus and Auron on docks; laughing scene
23- Highroad - Maechen; Lucil & Elma; Belgemine; Luzzu & Gatta (Belgemine very different!)
24- Highroad - Shelinda; Sunset at Agency
25- Agency - Rin; Chocobo Eater; Seymour at checkpoint (Seymour MUCH more charismatic)
26- Mushroom Rock Road - Seymour's pep talk to Crusaders; Clasko; O'aka; Lucil; Luzzu and Wakka
27- Operation Mi'hen HQ; first half of operation
28- Operation Mi'hen - Seymour vs. ugly caterpillar; Tidus on beach
29 -Mi'ihen aftermath; Seymour talks up Yuna; Kimahri speaks; heading for Djose Temple
30 - Djose Temple - Isaaru and brothers, Dona and Barthello thru "Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair..." scene

That's as far as it goes for now.